Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chaplain body done

I pretty much brought the body to a close-to-final stage. What remains to be done is the Crozius (it's been straightened-out a bit) and the final cleanup after that. Then we move to the thing that people are used to talk to a lot - the hand.

As far as painting goes, I've softened the Codex Grey highlights by painting a thin layer of Dark Angels Green over. Also you may notice that the blending between the armor highlights are much more smoother due to the same thing applied on the borders of the highlights.


  1. He's looking better every time I see him, and so do those highlights. I know what you mean from the last post, consistent highlighting is regularly with the 2 options you mentioned, and I've always found it difficult to pull of the 'external light-source' highlights as well as you have done so I stick to the edge highlighting for my models. I have tried to blend the two before by creating thicker highlights in certain areas but struggled.

    I look forward to seeing this fella finished!

  2. Generally I'm painting faces that are facing up with highlights. It's pretty easy to do. As an advanced technique (not that I'm any good at it) you can add self-shadowing to the process and NOT paint highlights in areas that would shadow your model from a vertical light.

    But all in all I guess it's just a matter of practice and study.