Sunday, August 30, 2009

Librarian replacement done

Finally, after severe slacking in the painting department I have completed the librarian. I've also added added a small ripper to the base, just to make it look different.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First terrain piece completed

Here's my first terrain piece. It's a bunker made out of a Warmachine blister, plasticard, and some green stuff.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Warmachine planner update

I've been working a bit on the Warmachine planner. You can find it by clicking


Here are the changes since the last update:
  • All Warmachine data is in
  • Warcaster-dependent field allowance has been implemented
  • Mercenary contracts have been implemented
  • Field commanders (units who allow other units to be placed in a list) have been implemented
Also, the UI changed a bit:
  • Unit tooltips have been partially implemented - I'll need to get a word from PP people in order to fully implement or eliminate them.
  • Add units window has been altered a bit.
  • Compressed view checkbox - this simplifies the army list a bit, only showing essential information.
Enjoy :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pseudo-librarian update

Here's the body almost done for my replacement standard librarian. It still needs way more scrolls and tabards , but I'll get there. Also in news is a brief appearance of his faithful servo-skull.


The missing models and road ahead

Here are the some of the models that I've been missing. The center guy, which is 50% done will stand in for the normal librarian, other guys are the devastator team, 2 extra rocket launchers, one terminator librarian and some AoBR marines that somehow eluded me ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

750 Points list and missing models

I've been trying to build up a 750 point army that should be able to fend for itself in most situations, and, after discussing with a number of people that brought some valid points here is what I got:

  • Librarian - 100pts
  • 4x Scout Snipers +Heavy Bolter +Camo cloaks 100pts
  • 10xTactical marines +Flamer +Missile launcher +Meltabombs - 175pts
  • Rhino - 35pts
  • 10xTactical marines +Meltagun +Plasma Cannon + Meltabombs - 185pts
  • Dreadnought (Melta and CCW) with extra armor 120pts
Grand total: 750 pts

As it turns out I'm missing some stuff, but I shall fix it! See what's missing:
  • Dreadnought - Still need to paint this.
  • Meltagun marine - I wasted my melta gun on one of my commanders so I now have to build another marine and find a melta for it.
  • Plasma cannon - the good news is I have assembled 6 marines from my devastator box, but it needs paint as well :D
  • Librarian - I'm gonna make a librarian out of a regular marine but give him a paint job to stand out and SCROLLS. The base model is done and it should look good once it's painted, plus it's gonna be a test subject for my terminator librarian marine :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Assault squad done and army update

Here's the last part of my assault squad. I've done the jetpack flames in a somewhat different way, trying to keep the darker portions of the flame between the beginning and the end of it. It was also much faster since the layering wasn't as complicated as the first flames. You can see in the picture below the new flame (left) versus the old one (right) at the two marines in the center.

Also, this just in! ARMY PIX! A brief sum takes this to about 1400 points. I still have one battleforce to assemble and paint as well as a Librarian, Predator, 2 Land Raiders , a Devastator and a Terminator close combat squad which would bring everything past 2500. Wish me luck! ;) Oh and sorry for the dust.. I've been living in a construction yard for the past month or so.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Assault squad & Khador

Here's half of my assault squad with the chapter logo freehanded on the left shoulder.

Also, some work in progress Khador. So far only the reds have been done. Much more work needs to go into them :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Warmachine planner

I haven't posted for a long time, mainly because I was working on a little "secret" project. It's a small Warmachine army builder, and today I can start showing it to the world.

You can go check it out by clicking here: .

It's still under heavy development, so if you have any feedback on it don't hesitate to comment. But how is this Warhammer related ? The structure behind it is extremely data-driven and a Warhammer version of it should be very easy to make, providing I have all the required data.

Now, on to painting:
  • I finished half of my assault squad, pictures incoming when batteries become available.
  • Tried some Reaper paints for the first time. Their Olive Green (which is equivalent to GWs Camo Green) has an amazing coverage and flow. I'll play some more with it, but it seems that those paints are winners, at least in some nuances.
  • Painted the armor plates of a Khador warjack using Vallejo Model Color paints. Very good pigment, good coverage, but vinyl paints dry very strange on the pallet and you tend to get some solid paint on your brush if you're not working fast enough.