Monday, August 10, 2009

Assault squad done and army update

Here's the last part of my assault squad. I've done the jetpack flames in a somewhat different way, trying to keep the darker portions of the flame between the beginning and the end of it. It was also much faster since the layering wasn't as complicated as the first flames. You can see in the picture below the new flame (left) versus the old one (right) at the two marines in the center.

Also, this just in! ARMY PIX! A brief sum takes this to about 1400 points. I still have one battleforce to assemble and paint as well as a Librarian, Predator, 2 Land Raiders , a Devastator and a Terminator close combat squad which would bring everything past 2500. Wish me luck! ;) Oh and sorry for the dust.. I've been living in a construction yard for the past month or so.


  1. Beautiful army you have there. The subdued color scheme is very handsome and a nice departure from all of those brightly colored chapters out there :) The weathering on the vehicles is also nicely done.

  2. I'm liking that army, but what's with the AoBR marines at the back - why do they have different shoulder pad colours?


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