Wednesday, August 12, 2009

750 Points list and missing models

I've been trying to build up a 750 point army that should be able to fend for itself in most situations, and, after discussing with a number of people that brought some valid points here is what I got:

  • Librarian - 100pts
  • 4x Scout Snipers +Heavy Bolter +Camo cloaks 100pts
  • 10xTactical marines +Flamer +Missile launcher +Meltabombs - 175pts
  • Rhino - 35pts
  • 10xTactical marines +Meltagun +Plasma Cannon + Meltabombs - 185pts
  • Dreadnought (Melta and CCW) with extra armor 120pts
Grand total: 750 pts

As it turns out I'm missing some stuff, but I shall fix it! See what's missing:
  • Dreadnought - Still need to paint this.
  • Meltagun marine - I wasted my melta gun on one of my commanders so I now have to build another marine and find a melta for it.
  • Plasma cannon - the good news is I have assembled 6 marines from my devastator box, but it needs paint as well :D
  • Librarian - I'm gonna make a librarian out of a regular marine but give him a paint job to stand out and SCROLLS. The base model is done and it should look good once it's painted, plus it's gonna be a test subject for my terminator librarian marine :)

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