Thursday, November 13, 2008

Commander 1st drybrush & Terminator draft

It doesn't look good, but I decided to post this anyway, just to show what happens if you don't dry your drybrush :)

Dry drybrushing can be examined on this draft of a terminator model, which looks quite good , especially on the right leg and left shoulder.

Also, the lesson in this image are:
  • Always paint your Assault on the Black Reach terminator squad unassembled
  • Thraka Green wash is much better for Nurgle chaos marines than space marines.
  • Sometimes Badab Black is exactly what you want.
  • White priming is much better than black priming if the lighting in your painting room is not good.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

4th marine closed & more

It now seems the problem I have with highlighting is because of bad color mixing. Because of that, I decided to close the 4th marine.
Also, I have added an extra touch of detail on the weapons and armor edges by highlighting them with a layer of mithril silver. They look much better now :)