Thursday, August 6, 2009

Warmachine planner

I haven't posted for a long time, mainly because I was working on a little "secret" project. It's a small Warmachine army builder, and today I can start showing it to the world.

You can go check it out by clicking here: .

It's still under heavy development, so if you have any feedback on it don't hesitate to comment. But how is this Warhammer related ? The structure behind it is extremely data-driven and a Warhammer version of it should be very easy to make, providing I have all the required data.

Now, on to painting:
  • I finished half of my assault squad, pictures incoming when batteries become available.
  • Tried some Reaper paints for the first time. Their Olive Green (which is equivalent to GWs Camo Green) has an amazing coverage and flow. I'll play some more with it, but it seems that those paints are winners, at least in some nuances.
  • Painted the armor plates of a Khador warjack using Vallejo Model Color paints. Very good pigment, good coverage, but vinyl paints dry very strange on the pallet and you tend to get some solid paint on your brush if you're not working fast enough.

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