Thursday, June 18, 2009

Starting the chaplain with the left foot

I have started painting the Jump Pack Chaplain by using the color scheme in the previous post as a reference. However, I have decided NOT to drybrush this guy at all, which brings me to a whole new way of painting this model.
By starting on the left foot I had plenty of room to experiment with the colors and highlighting without ruining the whole model by mistake.

So, what did I use:
1) Primed with white, then switched to black (this could be the first mistake that I've made on this model, but I hope it won't affect the detail)
2) Painted the armor edges first with dilluted Codex Grey
3) Thinned the armor edges and covered the whole area with slightly dilluted Chaos Black
4) Applied 2 layers of thinned Dark Angels Green (less towards the shadowed areas, more towards the lit areas)
5) Applied a thin layer of Dark Angels Green mixed with Codex Grey

For the knee:
1) I have covered it with a thin coat of Astronomicon Grey
2) Applied 3 layers of very thin Skull White, more towards the top, less towards the bottom.
3) Pained the skull with Shining Gold and gave it a wash of Badab Black.


  1. I really like the realistic look of the highlights on the leg. I have always been an edge highlighter myself but your technique is certainly nicer to look at. Great work mate

  2. Thanks :) It's the first time I'm doing this kind of painting. From what I've gathered (I'm not a trained artist or anything) the idea is to either highlight consistently as if the light is coming from a fixed direction or only highlight the edges and the surfaces closest to the viewpoint, or both.
    It's a bit strange to highlight both, because you have to exclude darkened areas from the fixed light from the surfaces that would be highlighted because of the closest viewpoint, but it can be done.