Friday, January 1, 2010

Rhinoes done

I finished painting my Rhino/Predator chassis. The doors and hatches are removable and they are magnetized on the inside to fit the sponsons. Still have to varnish them , but I figured I should take a picture of them before :)



  1. man your painting is awesome. I went through and saw the rest of your army and its awesome. could you give me a list of all the colour's and techniques you use in sequence like step by step. just post it on miniwargaming and send it as warmail or whatever to me pedro. cheers.

  2. Hi man,
    THanks for your kind comment. I have some tutorials planned for my marines and vehicles which I'll post on-line and will detail pretty much everything I do to a model (even the kinky bits). I'm a bit swamped with other work right now, but I'll start working on them first time I get the chance


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