Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Warmachine forays

I've been working a bit on the warjack arms that come with the battlebox. I believe I'm quite ready with the red part over there, but I guess I'll try and to an extra layer of highlights for the Khador Highlight color, because at its current state it will blend perfectly after varnish is going to be sprayed on. I've cleaned up all the non-red parts with Thamar Black , and the next stage will be to paint the metallic pieces and make them look good.

Also, in the image above you can see my first attempt at non metalic metals on the bombard cannon arm.

The Warmachine planner has been updated with some minor fixes regarding field allowance (Fenris, Zerkova, Gun Mage Adept, Yuri the Axe) as well as made the epic versions of characters to exclude the non-epic from the list and the other way around.
Hordes factions and minions are also complete , so you can plan out your Warmachine AND Hordes list on the same page.
I'm considering some interface improvements but they will have to wait a bit because of some unexpected developments in a very important project I'm working on. I have also added a link to the Warmachine planner on the right navigation bar, right below the BOLS mini-banner.
Closing the Warmachine section, if you have any suggestions for the planner or spot any inaccuracies in the unit prices, field allocation values , etc don't hesitate to send me a message here or comment on the blog.

On the 40K front I'm seriously considering getting a couple of Land Speeders Storm to make a strong 1000 point list. Won't use them both at the same time, but still.

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